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J&C Group Inaugurates Additional Office Space

As J&C Services upgraded to J&C Group, our offices needed to be upgraded too! 

Today, the J&C Group held an inauguration ceremony for the new Marketing, Insurance and Real Estate Offices. The ceremony was a soft opening for the new offices with the entire team being present as we cross another milestone.

Lukasz Nitka, Director J&C Marketing and Stephan Aeschbach, President J&C Group cutting the ribbon

These new offices will help the J&C departments to grow further and provide more services. 

Mr. Stephan Aeschbach, the President of J&C Group, said “I am delighted with the new offices, it has been quite a journey and it was only possible because of the support we receive from our clients. With this new step, we would like to assure our clients that our growth will not affect the quality of our services, on the contrary, we are now even better equipped to provide you with a much wider range of professional services in Laos.”

J&C Marketing team
J&C Marketing team
J&C Insurance and J&C Real Estate team

With these new offices now-up-and-running, we invite our clients to come and visit us at anytime. The team would be happy to host you and discuss any needs that you may have (location). 

J&C Group is known for offering customer-specific solutions to its clients while providing the most competitive pricing. “Over the years, our suite of services has expanded to meet the needs and demands of locals and expatriates in Laos,” says Lukasz Nitka, Director of J&C Marketing. 

J&C Group is active in Insurance, Marketing, Real Estate, Investment, Manufacturing and Hospitality, offering employment to over 100 local & international staff members (about us).