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J&C Insurance Brokers Awarded Top Selling Agent 2021

Named as ‘Top Selling Agent’, J&C Insurance Brokers was recognized for their exceptional performance in 2021 – by Lanexang Assurance!

Mr. Fabrice Decico, the Director of J&C Insurance Brokers and Ms Arinya Phonseya, the Office Manager of J&C Insurance Brokers, received the Award of Top Selling Agent from Mr Nguyen Mau Hung, Deputy CEO of Lanexang Assurance, in recognition of their exceptional work.

“We stand with our insurance partners to provide the best service and advice to all of our clients, individuals or corporate, and are very proud to be one of the top agents/brokers of Lanexang Assurance” mentioned Mr. Decico. “We have created a strong partnership over the many years of working together with Lanexang Assurance, for the benefit of our clients who can trust the commitment we provide every day”.

J&C Insurance Brokers introduced, at the end of 2020, the fully comprehensive plan of Luma Asia Care Plus, designed for expatriates and locals residing in Laos. It offers great value by providing comprehensive and international coverage.

J&C Insurance Brokers also have been offering the J&C Elite Care Plan for several years; this plan is exclusively available to clients of J&C. It is a regional health plan in the medium range covering Laos, Thailand, and Vietnam.

J&C Insurance Broker’s vast and varied portfolio enables us to negotiate the best deals and coverages for our clients – be it for large groups or individuals. Our power of negotiation enables us to get the best benefits for our clients.