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J&C Relaunches Real Estate Services

Update: Casey A. Tolzman has left J&C Group and the J&C Real Estate team as per 20th April 2020.
At J&C Group, we know finding real estate can be a challenge for many people, especially foreigners looking for a place to call home and for international organizations looking for the right place to open their business or office. For this reason, J&C Group is excited to announce the relaunch of J&C Real Estate, with Casey A. Tolzman taking the role of director.

Having lived in Lao PDR for nearly five years, with experience at an international real estate franchise, Casey brings knowledge and experience that will enable us to assist our customers in finding the right property.

“Everyone has a need related to real estate, whether they want to sell, buy, or rent property, and it’s often a big decision – choosing where to open a business or where to live! By working in real estate, I get to simplify what could be a stressful process” explains Casey, “no one wants to lack confidence when making these decisions, so having the opportunity to guide people through finding the right property is a real privilege”.

Asked about the current trends in Vientiane, Casey says: “Over the last few months it seems that a new apartment building is opening every week! With such a tremendous increase in supply, competition is going to be high for apartment owners. We’ll focus on assisting owners in providing ways for their apartment to stand out from others and fill their rooms.”

Casey A. Tolzman, Director J&C Real Estate and Stephan R. Aeschbach, President J&C Group

There are many opportunities within the real estate industry for disruption – positive changes that will lead to better results for everyone.

J&C Real Estate’s services include:

  • Saving clients time by matching them with the right apartment utilizing the largest apartment database in Vientiane
  • Giving clients knowledge to make better decisions by performing specific property searches for both sales and rental
  • Taking away stress from property owners by providing property management services for apartments, offices, and other rental properties

Information is difficult to find, and competition is tough! Let J&C Real Estate give you the advantage in your real estate needs. For more information click here or contact us at

J&C Real Estate is part of the J&C Group. J&C Group is active in Insurance, Marketing, Real Estate, Investment, Manufacturing and Hospitality, offering employment to over 100 local & international staff members.

J&C Group is known for offering customer-specific solutions to its clients while providing the most competitive pricing. “Over the years, our suite of services has expanded to meet the needs and demands of locals and expatriates in Laos,” says Stephan Aeschbach, President of J&C Group.