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J&C Services Awarded Excellent Agent

During its annual agent celebration at Muong Thanh Luxury Hotel, Lanexang Assurance awarded J&C Services for our exceptional performance in 2018.

Stephan R. Aeschbach, owner of J&C Services, proudly accepted the award. “We are grateful to be among one of the Top Agents of Lanexang Assurance” said Mr. Aeschbach, “we continue to grow our products with Lanexang by creating a trusted partnership. We are honoured to be part of this great family and thankful to our customers for giving their trust in our services”.

J&C Services has been successfully implementing the J&C Elite Care Health & Life Insurance for the past 2 years. Expatriates and local nationals have continued to apply and renew their trust by subscribing to the plans, supported by the caring team of Lanexang.

Mr. Khang Do Dang, CEO of Lanexang Assurance and Stephan R. Aeschbach, CEO of J&C Services

“We are especially proud of our insurance division that represents Lanexang Assurance, Toko Assurance, AXA Insurance and William Russell,” Mr. Aeschbach said. “Most recently we have been awarded with the “Diamond Agent” award, making us the top agent by Toko Assurance. We continue to strive to provide our corporate and individual clients with the best rates and services that they have come to expect from us.”

Stephan R. Aeschbach, CEO and ‘Nounou’ Arinya Phonseya, Office & Finance Manager at J&C Services

J&C Services is an independent insurance specialist, much to the advantage of its clients who allow J&C to choose the best options from various providers to personalize the most effective coverage for all.