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Joma Bakery Café – That Luang

Did you know that there is a Joma III ? Honestly,  I didn’t until yesterday …. I guess only a place like Joma can afford not advertising the opening of its new outlet 🙂

Joma That Luang features the same delicious menu as the other two Joma cafes in Vientiane, with a nice cozy ambiance. The That Luang outlet (or should I call it Joma III?), although smaller than the Namphou and Phonthan branches, offers the same comfortable sofas and their Wi-Fi is impressively fast.

This latest outlet will reinforce Joma being the first-choice lunch stop for many Expats living in Vientiane, especially with its location close to the Kolao office towers making it a good place for meetings and also because of its delicious menu of pastries, sandwiches, quiche, muesli, fruit, shakes and coffee.

Joma Bakery Café

Today at the new branch I tried my two favorites, a large cappuccino and a slice of carrot cake. It was delicious as usual and for me definitely the best carrot cake in town.

The only downside to the new location is the parking with everything around the café being marked with red & white stripes, No Parking signs and making it worse, a main police station watching over it all! Hopefully Joma delivers the policemen sufficient quantities of coffee and muffins 🙂

I still often get asked what “Joma” stands for, so let me reveal the secret……..Joma represents the name of its four owners; Jonathan and Jocelyn (JO), and Michael and Areerat (MA).

Joma Bakery Café

Joma That Luang is located at the corner of Nongbone and Singha Road, just when you come up the road after passing the Vientiane College and the Kolao Towers. Click here to see the map