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Keep Eyes Open For Rising Rivers, Residents Of Lowlands Warned

Source: Vientiane Times

The Meteorology and Hydrology Department of Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment is warning the level of the main rivers will continue to rise but should remain below risky or dangerous levels at most sites.

The department has called residents who are living alongside the Xebangfay River from Mahaxay to Xebangfay districts, Khammuan province to be alert for potential flood should more heavy rain fall across northern to central regions.

Over the past few days, a combination of light and strong rain with strong wind gusts across some areas of northern and central regions caused the level of Xebangfay River to increase. It is expected to increase further yet remain below risky and dangerous levels for the next few days, the department forecasts.

The Meteorology and Hydrology Department has updated its forecast for the level of Xebangfay River.

In Mahaxay district, Khammuan province the river was at the height of 11.79 metres on July 18 and 12.45 metres on 19 July.

It is forecast to reach a peak of 12.60 metres on 20 July and fall to 12.48 metres on 21 July, under the risk level of 14 metres and danger level of 15 metres.

The department also is monitoring the level of Mekong River in proximate provinces.

The Mekong had risen to about 6.59 metres yesterday in the capital.

In Luang Prabang province, the Mekong had risen to about 9.60 metres yesterday; it was forecast to increase to 9.64 metres on 20 July and 9.66 metres on 21 July, below the risky level of 17.50 metres.

The Mekong had risen yesterday to about 10.10 metres at Thakhaek district, Khammuan province, 10.15 metres at Pakxan, Borikhamxay province, and 8.51 metres in Savannakhet province.

When the Mekong’s levels increase above 11.50 metres in lowland areas in the capital or other extreme weather conditions are forecast, the department will immediately send out warnings via Facebook, websites, radio broadcasts, television and media agencies to let people know the latest information.

The department also warned the public to pay close heed to weather warnings and be alert to catastrophes including the possibility of falling trees and damage to houses and other buildings, especially from now until the end of this month.

On 17 July, heavy rainfall over several hours caused floodwaters to inundate farmlands and cut off key road routes in Khamkeuth district, Borikhamxay province.

According to Natural Resources Office in Khamkeuth district, officials are continuing to survey to assess the damage.

Both 1E Road and 8A Road are cut by floodwaters near the flooded-areas. Water up to one-metre deep flooded roads for a stretch of about 2-3 kilometres. As vehicles cannot pass, residents have been using small boats to traverse the area until floodwaters recede.