Keeping Yourself Safe When You’re Living Abroad

If you are concerned about your safety because you are in an international hotspot, you might want to think about the best ways to keep yourself from harm. It’s nice to think that most of the people you will meet will be friendly and well-mannered, but unfortunately there are some parts of the world where it doesn’t work this way – and being different (or noticeably foreign) could make you a target for crime.

In some cases, it’s wise to even go so far as to become part of the background, and blend into the community as much as possible. Of course, just making sure that you have international expatriate health insurance cover, or global life insurance is crucial. But we’ve also come up with the top 6 ways in which to help you settle in to your new location and to make sure you are a little safer:

  • Getting the language basics right is a must – this is a sure fire way to get you noticed and, in some parts of the world, may even offend people if you are failing to learn their language. That’s why it’s best to do your homework, revise the basics before leaving, but ideally take classes ahead of time or hire a language tutor to assist you. Even if you are making an effort whilst you are there, then the locals will at least see that you are trying to fit in, and will be more likely to accept you or even assist you in public spaces such as market or even at the office.
  • Many fail to learn about the local ‘dress code’ and suffer the consequences. Woman especially need to take note of local dress, especially in Buddhist countries where in some areas, it is an offence to show the flesh of arms or legs. Also dress appropriately for your age and gender, and follow any customs such as the removal of shoes, or the wearing of headwear and accessories.
  • It’s best to avoid any flashy jewellery that will draw attention to yourself. Even cheap shiny jewellery could give people the false impression about you – you may be unwittingly advertising that you have a lot of money or possessions.
  • Always be aware of what is happening in your area, learn about the place you are living in and the area around it. Stay alert for anything that looks suspicious, especially if you notice anyone waiting outside your home or place of work. It’s  also a wise move to have a safe place to meet your friends or colleagues in case of an emergency.
  • Making sure that you have Global international Health insurance is essential. As well as International Life Insurance, make sure you look into Property, Content and Motor Insurance.
  • Lastly, be sure that you have a first aid kit where you are staying, especially if you are unfamiliar with where to find the local doctor/chemist or hospital.

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