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Khao Niew Theatre Group Pulling Strings To Promote Traditional Arts

Source: Vientiane Times

Khao Niew Theatre Group is arranging auditions to select budding talented puppeteers to help their troupe promote and conserve the traditional performing art.

The theatre group has now opened up auditions for the project to all children and young people who love performing, aged 12-years-old and up, regardless of their background.

Only the top 12 candidates will be chosen with applications open until September 15.

Auditions will take place on September 22 with the selected candidates taking place in one month’s solid practice with the group.

Khao Niew Theatre Group Director Mr Lattanakone Insisiengmai said throughout the puppetry project, candidates would learn the fundamentals of performing with the group from September 18-22.

Young people interested in joining the puppetry performing programme can contact Mr Lattanakone Insisiengmai direct on 020 5541 1147.

The chosen 12 will rehearse with the theatre group ahead of five public puppetry performances taking place in early November at Institute Francais in Vientiane.

The new performers will feature in Khao Niew Theatre Group’s ‘Kampha’s Story’ which also includes sign language for the deaf.

The show’s four act programme supported by Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation also comprises puppet performances such as ‘Epok’, ‘Prateu’ and another specifically tailored for a deaf audience.

New performers will play leading roles in five ‘Epok’ puppet performances at the Children’s Culture Centre in Luang Prabang as well as the five ‘Prateu’ shows at the corresponding Savannakhet province c entre.

Additional puppetry performances have been scheduled for the deaf in December or early next year.

The four puppetry acts will also be on the bill of the Puppet Performing Festival to take place on February 16-17 in the parking lot of the National Culture Hall.