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Korea Airports Corporation To Enter Korea’s First Airport Development Project In Laos

Source: ANI

Korea Airports Corporation (CEO Son Chang-wan) is the first company in Korea to enter the airport development project in Laos.

According to the Korea Airports Corporation on Monday, the Ministry of Planning and Investment of Laos selected Korea Airports Corporation as a feasibility study provider for the Luang Prabang airport development project.

The Lao government is promoting a public-private cooperative investment project for the development of Luang Prabang Airport, the old capital and a famous tourist destination in the northern region. The Lao government conducted bidding for the first stage of the feasibility study project in January.

The KAC made a bid based on the support of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport, the Korean Embassy in Laos, and the Korea Overseas Infrastructure and Urban Development Support Corporation (KIND) and experience in overseas airport development projects.

After conducting a feasibility study for airport development projects such as aircraft demand prediction, airport operation system improvement plan, environmental impact assessment, etc., Korea Airports Corporation plans to promote large-scale airport facility improvement and expansion through the formation of a Team Korea Consortium.

The Luang Prabang airport development project in Laos is scheduled to be carried out for 15 years according to the feasibility study and investment decisions in Laos, and the scale of the project is about 100 billion won. However, the KAC stated that the project organization and size may change according to the feasibility study.