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Lao Apple Watch To Run 15 Minutes Fast

Lao versions of the new Apple Watch are set by default to run 15 minutes faster than those sold in Western territories, according to Apple’s latest press releases in Vientiane today.

Apple have become aware of Lao people’s propensity to turn up late to events, and have decided to try and influence the country to become more punctual.

An Apple spokesman said, “When we expanded our operations into Asia back in 2014, we were stunned to find out just how hard it was to get a Lao employee to turn up to work on time.

“Numerous meetings were delayed, productivity reduced, and we have found that many businesses across the country are facing the same problems.”

The Apple Watch is Apple’s latest attempt to encourage its legions of followers to buy a sixth gadget from them that does essentially the same thing.

The iWatch will allow users to surf the web, send emails and play Candy Crush, much like the iMac, iPhone, iPad, Ipod and Macbook do already – except this time it will be strapped to the user’s wrist and have a much smaller screen, making the experience much less appealing.

The Apple spokesperson defended the high price point due to its time saving potential for customers.

“Who can put a price on those three seconds you save by viewing an email on your wrist rather than having to take your phone out of your pocket?
Apple can! And it’s going to cost at least 15,000THB.”

Some businesses owners in Laos are concerned about the battery life of the Apple Watch devices, which are not likely to last a full day.

Concerned business owner Maysa Kelvin Inthavong said, “It will be great saving a few seconds here and there on checking emails and looking at dodgy websites, while having our staff actually turn up on time will be invaluable.”

“We are just concerned that on day two of owning an Apple iWatch, our staff forget to charge overnight and wake up the next morning thinking time has stopped entirely.

“If our employees think their new Apple iWatch has made them the masters’ of time and space, I’m concerned they may not be sufficiently motivated to turn up to work at all.”

Source: Apple Laos / April 1, 2015