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New at J&C: Lao Cross-Cultural Training

Why is cross-cultural awareness training important?  When working with colleagues from other countries and cultures have you ever been frustrated by the fact that they do things in ways that are fundamentally different to your own? That their priorities in the workplace may differ to yours? That they seem to be sending you mixed messages—and that their body language is confusing?

These different attitudes and behaviours are more than likely to be conditioned by culture—values, assumptions and perceptions that are instilled early on in life and are expressed in the way we behave and interact. These cultural influences are so deep that we act upon them instinctively—in everything we do, from the way we stand and talk, to the way we deal with superiors, conflict and decision-making. Since these differences are so deep and intuitive, they can oftentimes lead to misunderstanding and miscommunication. Nowhere can this be more detrimental than in an international workplace, where misunderstandings based on culture can make or break lucrative business deals, international mergers and any other type of cross-cultural working.

Our cross-cultural training courses will raise your cultural awareness and sensitivity towards cultural issues in Laos.

ProNavIn partnership with ProNav we offer a variety of Lao Cultural training courses to suit your individual or group training needs including:

  • Cultural etiquette for newcomers; adjust to the Lao context
  • Lao culture for working expatriates
  • Cultural intelligence and competence for managers in the Lao workplace
  • Cross-cultural communication for mixed Lao and Expatriate groups (delivered in cooperation with a regional cross-cultural training organisation)

Cultural training courses can be tailored to address the needs of your personal or organisational needs.

For detailed information on our various “Cross-Cultural” courses, contact us today.

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