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Lao Font, Keyboard Ready For Use On Mobiles

A Lao font and keyboard are ready for use on android and iPhone operating systems (ios) this year after the Ministry of Post and Telecommunications and ICT companies joined forces to make this possible.

ICT Advisor at the Ministry of Post and Telecommunications, Mr Anousak Souphavanh, told the Vientiane Times yesterday the ministry will develop a programme to allow Apple, Google, Samsung, Nokia and Microsoft to permanently incorporate the Lao font and keyboard into their systems.

“60 to 70 percent of ICT users have requested a Lao font for their mobile, especially smartphones, tablets and ios, so the ministry recognises the importance of using our language with this technology. They have worked with these companies to include it in their systems,” he explained.

The Lao font and keyboard were officially announced in December 2011, so a lot of people have downloaded the Lao language font and keyboard applications into their mobile phones.

Laosfont“But recently use of the Lao language has not been stable and many users have experienced problems with the font so we decided to work directly with those businesses to make the Lao language fully functional in their technology,” Mr Anousak said.

A local iphone user said he had used the Lao language ever since it was officially available for use as the Phetsarath font and keyboard, but when his iphone was updated he had to jailbreak and reinstall the language.

Mr Anousak said the android system had similar problems so the programme will be the best means of establishing the Lao language in this technology.

Published with the permission of Vientine Times