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Lao Govt Proposes Law On Weapons Management

Source: Vientiane Times

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Public Security, General Vilay Lakhamfong, on Monday outlined the draft of a proposed law on the management of weapons and explosives, when addressing the 3rd Ordinary Session of the National Assembly’s 9th legislature.

The Deputy PM said it’s necessary to formulate the law on weapons and explosives, so that the intended results were achieved. Amid volatile and changing situations around the world and growing concern regarding trade in illegal weapons, it is essential for Laos to enact the law in this aspect, he said.

For several years, the Party and government, especially the national defence and public security ministries, have attempted to regulate the use of weapons and explosives, with various agencies involved in the management and monitoring of weapons, as well as attempts to curb their use.

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As connectivity to countries in the region and further afield expands, drug gangs are proliferating and buying weapons and explosives illegally, both across Laos and online.

The trade in weapons and explosives is increasing at a rapid pace, with the result that the government has asked the Ministries of Public Security and associated agencies, to draft a law aimed at suppressing this trade.

Such a law would strengthen the government’s hand in bolstering public security, thus advancing national development, General Vilay said.

In drafting the law, the Ministry of Public Security held talks with counterparts in Vietnam and China about effective management of weapons and explosives.

In total, the government planned to present three draft laws for debate at the 3rd Ordinary Session of the NA’s 9th legislature. The draft laws are related to the fine arts, dam safety, and the management of weapons and explosives.