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Lao Postal Enterprise Partners With Chinese Express Delivery Operator

Source: Vientiane Times

Laos’ state-owned postal enterprise is looking forward to working with its newly-signed partner, ZTO Express, a China-based provider of services including express delivery, logistics and e-commerce, to upgrade the skills of IT personnel as well as build capacity in other areas.

A cooperation agreement on the project was signed on Friday by the Managing Director of Lao Post State Enterprise, Dr Phouvinh Fongsamouth, and the Manager of the ZTO Express Laos Office, Mr Liang Mingfang, witnessed by officials from both sides.

Speaking at the signing ceremony, Dr Phouvinh said that before the cooperation agreement was signed the two parties spent more than a year studying and evaluating the key benefits of their cooperation.

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“Finally, we agreed to cooperate with the joint goal of expanding logistics services for customers as the service network of Lao Post covers more than 80 percent of the country,” he said.

Dr Phouvinh also said the two companies would help to provide assistance for Lao customers wishing to buy goods in foreign countries through the use of e-commerce, and deliver them to customers’ doors.

“Most importantly, we also foresee the potential for Lao agriculture and handicraft products to be sold in the markets of neighbouring countries when the Laos-China railway becomes operational,” he said.

He added that that the first two priorities of the partnership were the development of human resources and IT innovation.

At the same time, Mr Liang Mingfang said ZTO Express Laos would actively implement the agreement in order to ensure the partnership was successful, with the aim of making Laos a centre of logistics in the Asean bloc.

“With almost two decades of experience in delivery, logistics and e-commerce in China, we hope to cooperate with Lao Post, which already has an existing network almost everywhere throughout the country,” he said.

ZTO Express is a courier in China, founded in March 2002, and provides a wide range of services including express delivery, logistics and e-commerce.

The company is one of the leading express delivery businesses in China in terms of parcel volume, with a 19.1 percent market share in 2019, and is set to become a world-leading comprehensive logistics services provider.