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Lao-Thai Venture To Build Private Hospital In Vientiane

Source: Vientiane Times

Laos will soon have a privately-owned hospital of international standard in a residential area of Vientiane where locals and expats can access a full range of medical services.

The luxury hospital will be housed in an eight-storey building to be built at a cost of about 1,300 million baht to 1,500 million baht (more than US$40 million) by a joint venture formed by a Lao business firm and a well-known Thai hospital operator.

The Thai group, BCH Group, is a long-standing and well-established operator in medical services. It owns and operates private hospitals and polyclinics in many provinces of Thailand.

The co-owner of the project, Ms Valy Vetsaphong, told Vientiane Times on Tuesday that she is confident this project will serve all the needs of local and foreign patients living and working in Laos.

“I’d like to express my sincere thanks to senior government officials, especially the current Minister of Health, who always provides support and encouragement and considers this investment project as a priority,” she said.

The planned hospital will cover almost two hectares at a location near the junction of the new shortcut road from Donnokkhoum village in Sisattanak district to Xiengda village in Hadxaifong district.

“I’ve discussed the project with BCH Group many times and conducted studies for the project over two years. Finally, my dream has come true after 20 years of waiting for an investment opportunity in medical services,” Ms Valy said.

Work on the eight-storey building and other facilities is set to begin this year and the hospital will commence a full range of medical services in the next few years, she said.

The full range of medical services will be offered under one roof, meaning that all types of treatment will be provided at this hospital. Experienced doctors, nurses and specialists will come from Thailand and other foreign countries,” she said.

Ms Valy said that by building a local hospital with international standards, she hoped to attract experienced Lao doctors working in many Thai hospitals as well as retired foreign specialists.

“Besides offering multiple choices to local and foreign citizens, this project will also be a model for investment projects that may attract more and more local and foreign investors to the health sector,” Ms Valy added.

Vientiane currently has several state-owned hospitals that provide medical services but a large number of people travel to Thailand for medical treatment, spending millions of dollars on such trips every year.

According to a recent update, there are currently 17 private hospitals and more than 1,000 private clinics in Laos, including foreign-owned clinics with a professional Lao health licence that enable them to open premises in Vientiane.