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Laos-China Railway To Operate Normal-Speed Train Soon

Source: KPL

The Laos-China Railway, a Sino-Lao joint venture responsible for the development and operation of the Laos-China railway, plans to begin operating ordinary train service to ease the rising demand for train travel, especially at the weekend.

The train will be operated at the maximum speed of 120 km per hour and carry 732 passengers in air conditioned cars including 590 standard seats, 106 wide seats and 36 sleeping seats.

Mr. Vongthong Souvanthong, Deputy Chief Engineer of Laos-China Railway said that the ordinary train tickets can be sold on the day of travel so passengers can be pretty sure to get a ticket if they arrive early and no need to purchase tickets one day in advance.

The fare will range from 38,000 kip to 238,000 kip depending on distance. It is lower than that for the high-speed train service.

Passengers will be also allowed to carry luggage heavier than 20 kilograms, the maximum luggage weight allowed for the fast train service.

Between its launch in December, 2021, and February 2022, a total of 128 passenger trains had been operated, transporting more than 124,200 passengers, an average of 1,721 passengers per day with travel during the peak time reaching 2,804 passengers per day.