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Laos Health Ministry Sets Dengue Control Campaign As Top Priority As Cases Are Rising Fast In Country

Source: The Star

The Ministry of Health of Laos has urged administrative offices at all levels in Vientiane to organise dengue prevention activities as a priority to combat the spread of the virus.

Minister of Health Dr Bounfeng Phoummalaysith said last week that all sectors of society and government need to assist, lead and cooperate in preventing and combatting dengue fever using standard control measures.

These include the participation of every individual and family in practising the five hygiene measures (ha por) to keep dengue at bay.

These five steps consist of closing and sealing all containers, flushing out all water vessels, placing tiny guppy fish in outdoor water containers, cleaning areas around houses, and doing these four tasks every week.

“Health officials recommend these measures and advise everyone to carry them out. Village volunteers will assist in the clearance of mosquito breeding grounds to keep everyone safe,” the minister said.

Dr Bounfeng urged the government and private sectors to create time to clear mosquito breeding grounds around their offices and residences, saying this should be done every week.

Village heads are advised to encourage village health volunteers to check for the presence of mosquito larvae at each household.

Information about the amount of larvae detected must be sent to the district health office, which will assess whether the neighbourhood is at risk of a dengue outbreak and tackle the problem promptly.

In addition, Dr Bounfeng advised district and village authorities to comply with announcements, orders and advice issued with regard to dengue fever.

He encouraged them to set plans and a budget for work to prevent the spread of dengue fever and to carry out and make reports on the local situation daily and monthly.

There should also be regular meetings of medical personnel to discuss ways to tackle the spread of dengue.

As of July 27, a total of 12,726 dengue cases had been recorded in Laos this year while 14 people have died. – Vientiane Times/ANN