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Laos Now Perceived To Be The Third Most Corrupt Country In The Asean Bloc In 2020, Says Transparency International

Source: The Star

Laos was perceived to be the third most corrupt country in the Asean bloc in 2020.

According to a report by Transparency International, publisher of the corruption perception index of 180 countries worldwide, Laos ranks 134 with a transparency score of just 29, reports the Laotian Times.

The index reported that Cambodia is regarded as the most corrupt country in the Asean bloc, with a corruption index of 21 points and a ranking of 160th in the world in 2020.

Laos is now also the third most corrupt country in the Asean bloc, following Myanmar and Cambodia.

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However, the country’s ranking has improved by eight points since 2012.

Singapore was perceived to be the least corrupt country throughout the Aseam region, with a corruption index score of 85, taking second place in the world for transparency alongside Finland and Switzerland.

The index placed Denmark and New Zealand in the top spots of the world with 88 points, followed by Finland, Switzerland, Singapore and Sweden, while South Sudan and Somalia are the most corrupt countries in the world with just 12 points.

Meanwhile, the most corrupt countries across the Asean region include Brunei with 60 points, ranking at the 35th in world; Malaysia at 51 points ranking 57th in the world, and Indonesia with 37 points, ranking 102nd in the world.

The corruption index score of Vietnam at 36 is the same as Thailand, with both countries ranking 104th, while the Philippines ranks 115th with 34 points.