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Laos Simplifies Tourist Arrival Process

Source: KPL

Lao Government has removed several steps of filling in forms for tourist arrival in Laos to promote and attract more tourists and form a better regional and international links.

This is according to the Prime Minister’s agreement in November last year to remove several documents needed for tourist arrivals and an officially proposal document by the Ministry of Information, Culture and Tourist last year regarding the cancellation of several application steps for tourist arrivals.

The agreement grants tourists from countries that share a common border with Laos to travel within the country holding just a border passbook and a border pass paper, according to bilateral agreements.

Tourists who used to travel by themselves in the past have now been allowed to travel in Laos as part of group package tours, as determined in the bilateral agreements. Such tourists can now travel to many provinces, relying on package tours with authority granted by the sectors concerned.

Now, offering package tour programmes for tourists to travel in Laos by procuring border passbooks and border pass papers has come into force. Tourists entering and leaving Laos need to pass through a determined official border checkpoint.

Travel agents in Laos can apply for border passbooks and border pass papers to provide tour packages to tourists traveling in Laos. Among the Northern provinces are Phongsaly, Luang Namtha, Bokeo, Oudomsay and Luang Prabang, and the lower northern provinces of Huaphanh, Xiengkhuang, and Sayaboury. The central provinces include Vientiane Capital, Vientiane, Borikhamsay, Khammuan and Savannakhet, and the southernmost provinces are Champassak, Saravane, Sekong and Attapue.