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Laos to Improve Satellite Data Management and Service Center

Source: Xinhua News

Laos’ Ministry of Technology and Communications will establish a national satellite data management and service center to integrate satellite technology into public service delivery to increase the efficiency of the government.

The satellite center will enable the creation of maps along with remote sensing centers, geography information system (GIS) centers, global navigation satellite system (GNSS) centers, and BeiDou satellite information services.

Satellite mobile services will also be made available, while weather extremes will be predicted using satellite imagery, with weather monitoring stations to be built at power plants, Lao national TV reported on Tuesday.

Satellite imagery will also be used in land management, environmental protection, and surveying rice, rubber, cassava and sugarcane crops, flooded areas, and forest fires, among others.

Satellite technology will be used in mining exploration and the management of smart cities.

The satellite data management and service center will be built on a 10-hectare site in Vangvieng district of Vientiane province.