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LOCA «Get Around Like Local », a Lao Ride Sharing Application Available Now!

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LOCA is an application that provides on-demand transportation similar to two worldwide applications called UBER and GRAB. LOCA represents the revolution of transport in Laos since LOCA is the first company to introduce a transport application that is convenient and cashless for the country.

Indeed, it is with no doubt that we all encounter transportation problems in this hot and busy city, especially foreigners. Complaints about services and prices of transports in the capital are nothing new here and there were no solutions for these issues. However, almost all South-East Asian countries were able to solve transportation problems by implementing their own ride-sharing application.

UBER and GRAB are two famous brands and are frequently used by foreigners and local people for transport conveniences. Laos is the only country that is not equipped this digital and cashless service. We can observe  a high demand concerning car service in Vientiane among foreigners (expats and businessmen). Not only foreigners but also local people who know these applications are interested this new kind of service.

LOCA is another transportation option for those who need to get a ride as fast as possible rather than waiting or looking for public transports.  LOCA application represents a new lifestyle for the country and it is also a way of not being too dependent on each other when it comes to finding a ride in the city.

What’s more, it is convenient for people who want to go cashless especially foreigners who are used to pay with credit cards or making online payments. For this purpose, LOCA was created. Similar to UBER and GRAB, LOCA is easy to use, smooth and meets your transport demand.

LOCA «Get Around Like Local », a Lao Ride Sharing Application Available Now!

Not only it is created for consumers but also for young local people who wish to have additional income in order to help them pay their education fee for example. What’s more, they can work whenever they want to by only going online/offline on the driver’s app. Drivers are independent and can manage their own working hours which makes them being their own boss.

However, as soon as they get online they must accept all customers’ request whenever the application notifies them otherwise they will be removed from being LOCA’s drivers if refusing more than once.

Drivers and cars are carefully selected for your safety and comfort.

To meet customers’ need, 3 kinds of transportation are available: Eco, Deluxe and Van.

Eco: 1-2 passenger
Deluxe: 1-3 passengers
Van: full or half day city tour (make reservation 1 day in advance)

You do not need to carry any cash for service payment because the application supports all major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, Chase, American Express, Discover), otherwise you can pay with LOCA Money, through your LOCA account. You can use your credit card to top up your LOCA account.

LOCA is your best and fastest solution for city transportation. We bring you fair, premium and private service whatever your destination is.

Good news! Download the app and get your first ride for 50,000 Kip by entering the promo code « jc50 ». This promotion is available only for new users of the app. USE THIS CODE WHEN YOU REQUEST YOUR VERY FIRST RIDE.

Choose LOCA and you will not regret it.