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Lockdown Travel Curbs Lead To Sharp Drop In Traffic Accidents

Source: Vientiane Times

The ongoing lockdown in Vientiane has resulted in a significant drop in the number of traffic accidents as fewer people are on the roads due to the restrictions on travel.

Normally, at least 50 accidents are recorded on the capital’s roads each week, resulting in many fatalities.

Deputy Head of the Vientiane Traffic Police Department under the Ministry of Public Security, Lieutenant Colonel Sangkhom Phommalath, told Vientiane Times that since the lockdown began on April 22 only one accident had been recorded.

“The number of road accidents has dropped sharply because people are staying at home in compliance with government orders to prevent the spread of Covid-19,” he said.

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Lieutenant Colonel Sangkhom said police were out on the streets every day to ensure that everyone is aware of the dangers posed by the virus and that people are complying with the lockdown rules.

“We are using loudspeakers to provide information about the spread of the virus and urge people to stay at home,” he said.

The police and authorities in districts and villages are keeping a close check on the number of people on the streets and advising motorists about the virus prevention measures, especially the wearing of face masks, handwashing and social distancing.

Police said roads were much less congested at present and in general motorists were complying with the traffic regulations.

The lockdown is in force until May 5 under the Prime Minister’s Order on the Reinforcement of Measures for the Containment, Prevention and Full Response to the Covid-19 Pandemic.

The order prohibits all Vientiane residents from leaving the capital while people in the provinces are banned from entering

Vientiane except for those who work in the city and have been given permission by the National Taskforce on Covid-19 Prevention and Control.

The order also prohibits all residents from leaving their homes except for essential grocery shopping, hospital visits, and other purposes authorised by the taskforce.

The order also bans the stockpiling of goods and arbitrary price hikes, particularly of food, face masks, hand gel and medicines.
Gatherings of more than 20 people are prohibited including weddings, festivals and religious events.