Love Life Ice Cream – Soft Opening

Generally I try to avoid any invitations to “Soft Openings”, as sometimes it turns out the customer ends up a guinea pig. But then again, when it comes to sweets and desserts, I’m Love Life Ice Creammore than happy to make an exception, smile

Love Life Ice Cream is having its Soft Opening and I decided to give it a try …. and I certainly wasn’t disappointed! I went for a Vanilla & Chocolate ice cream in a big cone and enjoyed it until the last bite !

Love Life offers home-made ice cream, shakes and cookies. They are still testing and trying out new recipes and it seems that they really value the client’s feedback. Personally I would appreciate a broader range of flavors to choose from and I also couldn’t find the “Sunday ice cream” as featured on their Facebook page … but I’ll definitely be back after they open for real.Love Life Ice Cream

Ice cream in a big cone is 12,000 kip, ice cream shakes (hard to find elsewhere in Vientiane) are 19,000-22,000 kip and fruit shakes are going for 12,000 kip.

If you visit Love Life Ice Cream shop before Sunday 21st August and say “Facebook J&C offer”, you’ll get a 50% discount. However, make sure you remember the “code”, as the cashier won’t let discount until you have it 100% correct … “Facebook J&C offer”, smile

The shop is located at Ban Nongbone, on the road between Patuxay and That Luang. It’s next to the Swedish Pizza House and Vientiane College.