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Luang Prabang Police Intercept Transport Of Over 3 million Amphetamine Tabs

Source: Vientiane Times

Luang Prabang provincial police on Monday arrested three men as they were driving vehicles loaded with a huge stash of more than 3 million amphetamine pills.

Head of the province’s Police Department for Drug Prevention and Control, Lieutenant Colonel Somboun Thanavanh, said the department was informed that a shipment of amphetamine was on its way from Oudomxay province through Luang Prabang.

Police set up roadside checks and stopped three vehicles which they searched and found over 3 million amphetamine tablets, then arrested the drivers.

They were identified as Mr Bee Thammachith, 27, from Nongmaengda village in Xay district, Mr Bengli, 29, from Sibounheuang village in Houn district, both in Oudomxay province; and Mr Sidalao, 27, from Xongcha village in Nambak district, Luang Prabang province.

Lieutenant Colonel Somboun said the haul was larger than a previous consignment apprehended by police in August and consisted of 570 packages of amphetamine containing 3,420,077 tablets.

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The drugs will be burned on October 12.

He called on everyone, including soldiers, the police, business operators, traders, workers and parents to help the authorities so that there are no opportunities for drug traffickers to continue their harmful practices.

In Oudomxay province, police recently raided a house where they found over 4,000 amphetamine pills and arrested four men for questioning.

Police also confiscated equipment used to make drugs and other items in the men’s possession.

Oudomxay police are continuing to investigate the case and flinging the net wider in the hope of making more arrests and bringing the offenders to trial.

Under Article 146 of the Criminal Law, for cases involving refined drugs as opposed to precursor chemicals, the penalties are as follows:

For the possession, purchase, sale or trafficking of synthetic drugs such as amphetamines, ecstasy, ice or crystal methamphetamine or other mind-altering substances, the punishment is a prison sentence of 5-10 years for between 0.3 and 100 grams, plus a fine.

For the possession, purchase, sale or trafficking of between 100-500 grams of any such substances the punishment is 10-20 years in jail plus a fine.

Persons found in possession of 500 grams to 3kg of any amphetamine type substance, ecstasy, or other illicit drug will be given the death sentence.

The death penalty can also be handed down to anyone found guilty of carrying more than 3kg of any of these substances.