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Marketing Over Coffee With J&C, Part 2

J&C’s “Marketing Over Coffee” is back with its August edition “Is Your Business  Communicating effectively through its Marketing?”.

Marketing is about communicating what your business can offer to customers. This communication is a combination of colors, images, words, tones, and underlying strategies. When several of these components are merged to form one message, it can easily be misinterpreted and fail to achieve the outcome desired.

J&C Marketing is here to help your business devise effective communication materials and distribute them across various appropriate channels. This month’s topic will essentially help you determine whether your marketing efforts are being interpreted correctly by your audience. You will discover more about the different elements that can indirectly make-or-break your marketing outcome. 

At J&C, we believe customer perception relies heavily on two items: Customer Experience and Marketing. Attend this month’s Marketing Over Coffee to revamp your marketing communication and reach out to a wider audience more effectively.

We recommend this workshop for businesses with smaller marketing teams, or no marketing teams at all. Our J&C team will be available to help you throughout the sessions and encourage you to find the best solutions for you and your business. 

This seminar will be hosted on 16th August 2019 from 10am to 12pm at Toong Samsenthai, Royal Square (Crowne Plaza). The price for the seminar is 80,000 kip/per person.

To register, please contact or 020 97747580