Save Lives, Save Laos

Staying & working from home we were thinking how to best support the local community in these difficult times and so we came up with the following idea:

Masks save lives !
So how about producing face masks promoting Laos and “laoness” !

– As the masks are produced locally, it creates employment (and saves lives in the process) !
– Wearing masks save lives !
– And with all proceeds being donated to the Solidarity Canteen in Luang Prabang (read more here), we shall save even more lives !

Based on our earlier survey we started with the production of the 4 most chosen masks !

Please help us to save lives and order your masks here:

We shall keep you all informed about the success of this project and the donations made (read more here) !

Already now thanks a lot for all your support !!

All proceeds will be donated to organizations supporting the Lao Government in fighting COVID-19 (for example Street food projects etc)

– Price per mask: Kip 25’000 plus delivery fee Kip 10’000
– Price for 5 – 9 masks: Kip 25’000 per mask with free delivery
– Price for 10 – 29 masks: Kip 22’000 per mask with free delivery
– Price for 30 – 50 masks: Kip 20’000 per mask with free delivery

for bigger quantities price on request

All about the masks:

  • Masks are made with high quality and tested fabrics (guaranteed Azo free and no forbidden chemicals !), packed separately in sterile polybags
  • Duck face’ shape to provide easiness & comfort
  • Provided with adjustable elastics on both sides to completely cover nose, mouth and chin for better protection
  • Material out- and inside: 100% polyester
  • Washable at 60°C temperature, recommended up to 15 times reusable
  • Inside lining is provided with an opening for a filter (filter is not part of the mask)
  • Mask are produced according to ISO/TS 16976-2:2015 norms
  • Produced according international textile regulations following ISO 4915:1991


  • Masks are only made for personal and private use. Under no circumstance should it come in contact with COVID-19 infected patients.
  • The masks are not a certified medical equipment product and should not be uses like so.
  • The masks should correctly be used to provide full coverage of the nose, mouth and chin area.
  • Properly wash hands and face with soap and water before and after usage of the mask.
  • In case the mask gets humid, remove the mask only by touching the elastics and change it with a new mask.
  • Unless specified, masks are not allowed for kids under 12 years old.