You can tell by the funky exterior that ME SHOP is going to be full of gadgetry and funky electronic goodies. I noticed the store renovate a few weeks ago and have been meaning to pop in for a squiz, so today I finally did. Something like this has been missing in Vientiane for quite some time. A lot of us expats bring in various games and phones from overseas and until now there hasn’t been anywhere that we can purchase upgrades, add-ons or seek advice about repairs.

ME Shop VientianeME SHOP specialises in trendy electronics, so it doesn’t sell TVs or toasters, but rather iphones, ipads, Playstations, Xboxes and more. It’s set up so that people can walk in and just hang out if they want to, and during my visit many were. Some customers played Playstation whilst others listened to ipods at special listening stations. There is a counter at the front staffed by the shop assistants who give free advice or accept broken devices for repair. ME SHOP is even licensed to repair Apple products.

I was happy to see that ME SHOP stocks original games for PS3, Xbox360 and Wii, as these are hard enough to find in Thailand (which sells mainly copies), let alone Laos. The owner, Bounnaphanh Inthaxoum, said he can order games upon request which can be purchased at the store. There are also controllers and peripheral devices for all game platforms. Interestingly, there is also a small library of Blu Ray discs at ME SHOP, which are tough to find elsewhere in Asia.

ME SHOP is definitely a must-visit for those interested in the latest gizmos. You’ll also find accessories for any product such as phone covers, ipad covers, headphones, chargers and more. ME SHOP is located in Ban Haisok near the corner of Sethathirath and Khounboloum Roads. Find it on google maps here.

Call +856 20 77709642 or +856 20 99229555 or email macinlao@me.com. For products and prices see the ME SHOP website (mainly Lao language for now).

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