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Meet our clients: Marc Renault – SBL

SBL Construction Solutions is a leading construction solutions provider specialized in electrical, chemical and swimming pool genuine quality products with international standard services in Vientiane since 2007. It represents several international brands such as Sika, Schneider Electric, Legrand / Bticino, Indelec and Fluidra / Astral pool within Laos.
SBL has been highly involved in the development of Laos as we know it today, by supplying products & services to several construction projects, including roads, bridges, hydropower, thermal power, mining, hospital, hotel, schools, buildings, etc.

In a conversation with Mr. Marc O. Renault, Partner and Managing Director, SBL, we asked him for his opinion about and experience with J&C Services, in particular with the insurance department of J&C Services.

Why did you choose J&C Services to be your insurance agent?

At SBL, we believe, when something needs to be done – we don’t do it for the sake of doing it, but instead, we do it the right way and the best way possible. The same thing can be said for insurance, I want to make sure that I have the best solution (best coverage for the best possible premium) to cover all our business activities. If there is an incident, I want my insurance to be on top of it. J&C Services provides us exactly with this; best products with highly competitive pricing, and a unique professional service which starts from consulting on best insurance solutions to resolving any issues & coordinating with insurance providers.

In the past 10 years, has there been any incident where you were required to use the J&C insurance and how was your experience?

As you know we are using J&C Services for all our insurance needs – health, motor, property & public liability – we changed to J&C because I didn’t have a good experience with my previous insurance provider when there was an incident. With J&C, I can’t remember any particular incident – but I know there have been a few. I think that’s a good sign. The experience has been very smooth and that’s why I don’t remember much of these incidents. Actually, there was one – a tree branch fell on my new car – there were dents in the hood and severe cracks on the windshield. I contacted the insurance, and I immediately got a response. Within a few days, my car was as good as new. It was fast & easy.

If you would have to describe J&C, what comes to your mind ?

When I think of insurance, it has to be reliable, trustworthy and professional – and this is exactly what J&C is! In fact, not just J&C but also Stephan. He is highly reliable and trustworthy and every business is just a reflection of the owner – so I know my insurance is of high quality and will be instantly available when I need it!”

SBL Construction Solutions and J&C Services have been working together since 2010 and these years have just built and strengthened our relations with trust, respect, and friendship. We are thankful to have clients like SBL who become part of our J&C family.