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My Paradise – Meung Feuang Island Getaway

Do you also have a dream of spending a few days on a lonely island surrounded by water and green nature ? Well, my dream came true when I decided to escape the “hustle and bustle” of the ASEM meeting and headed north towards the Nam Lik River.

I was invited by Adam, also a J&C team member, to join him and his friends to spend some time at their holiday house which is located on a small island on the banks of the Nam Lik River, about 110 Km north of Vientiane.Meung Feuang Island Getaway 04

Arriving in the village of Muang Feuang, our first adventure was getting our luggage safely (and dry) to the other side of the river by using small wooden boats. After a short walk we arrived at our accommodation, a traditional Lao wooden house. This house was carefully dismantled, relocated and rebuilt as a holiday home at its current location. The simple furnishings are combined with traditional Lao rural artifacts and essential modern Meung Feuang Island Getawayconveniences, including western toilets, shower, kitchen, fridge etc. Mrs Tai, the owner, has beautifully decorated the house and given it a special, cozy touch.

This place is great to relax in the natural landscape, with its high mountains and the riverside, reminding me very much of Vang Vieng. But the similarities end there as Meung Feuang is not (yet) on the tourist circuit so you won’t encounter crowds of drunk, disheveled backpackers.

I enjoyed my stay by simply relaxing, reading my books and swimming in the river. Others were more adventures and went for a site-seeing canoe trip on the river or simply spent the afternoon fishing under a shady tree.

Meung Feuang Island Getaway

In the evening we prepared our own food (which you should bring along with you) while overlooking the river. Luckily we had enough drinks with us  ….. Lou, another J&C team member, concluded the evening with “mue ni koi muan lai” (today I enjoy a lot)

This unique and private holiday house is perfect for weekends and short breaks. Want to get away from it all? Looking for something a little different? Then this may be for you.

Here is some additional information:

The house offers 4 double rooms, living room, large balcony, kitchen, toilet and shower-room, with space for up to 8 people – 4 double beds with bedding and mosquito nets. Meung Feuang Island GetawayThe kitchen is equipped with cooking utensils, pots and pans, a gas stove, a traditional wood stove, a fridge and a sink. For those who can’t do without, there is mobile phone coverage and also internet (through your phone or a 3G dongle). I personally wouldn’t consider the place to be “children-safe”, mainly because of the strong current of the river.

Please keep in mind, this is a private house and not a professional hotel. There are some local people in charge of taking care of you, but their English is very limited. Rental price ranges from Kip 200,000 to 500,000, depending on how many rooms you use.

For more details and information, please download the brochure in pdf format.

Bookings can be made through the email banlaplair@gmail.com with the word “booking” in the subject line. Last but not least, you may want to visit their Facebook page