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MICAT Publicises Law on Performing Arts

Source: Vientiane Times

The Ministry of Information, Culture and Tourism (MICAT) last Friday publicised a law on Performing Arts to encourage the staff of the ministry to have a better understanding about the law and how to implement it.

This event took place at the National Culture Hall. Leading department representatives from Xaysomboun province, Vientiane province, Vientiane, Borikhamxay, a representative from the Ministry of National Defence, a representative from the Ministry of Public Security and various artists participated to raise awareness about the law and highlight the role of performing arts in the country.

Director General of the Department of Performing Arts, Mr Khamphuang Inthavongsy gave a brief outline about the law, the reason why it was implemented and its expected result.

Deputy Minister of Information, Culture and Tourism, Mr Boua Ngeun Xaphouvong also delivered a speech about this law. He said the Law on Performing Arts has 10 parts and 74 articles. The book has been translated into both Lao and English to encourage both Lao and foreign visitors to have a better understanding of the contents of the new law.

10 Parts of the law include; General Terms, Performing Arts, Artist and Artist name, Activities of Artists and Performing Arts. Performing Arts Organisations, Prohibitions, Dispute Resolution, Management and Inspection of Performing Arts, Policy for People with Outstanding Achievement and Terms for Violators, and Final Provisions.

He said the purpose of this law is to establish the principles, procedures and measures for the management of monitoring and inspection of organisations to ensure the quality of work. It mainly focuses on expanding citizen right of ethnic groups in restoration, conservation, development, dissemination, use of culture and arts with national characteristics, progress, preventing the negative phenomena of art, culture and society which can be linked to the region and the world and contributing to the protection and development of the country.

Performing arts is an activity that promotes cultural tradition, good customs and practices of the nation and brings about performance art products and results in the preservation, protection and development of the country and the society.

Performing arts is a vehicle to publicise the beauty of nature and promote the nations through the context of song, dancing, circus, film and others.

The aim of participants who joined the conference was the gain a better understanding of the new law. Mr Boua Ngeun Xaphouvong stressed about state policy on performing arts and their involvement in the promotion and development of the performing arts in terms of personnel, budgets, facilities, technical materials and modern technology.

The state promotes and encourages individuals, units and organisations to actively participate in the restoration, conservation development, dissemination, publicies and use of the performing arts. At the same time, it aims to make the performing arts more diversified and sustainable by strengthening and raising awareness of national culture, politics and arts to meet the needs of the society.

The state promotes and encourages individuals and organisations to develop their talents, to create art, build, maintain and improve their political, professional, cultural and ethical knowledge and capabilities of art performers.

He applauded the Department of Performing Arts as the organiser of the conference.

To promote performing arts he urged the public to listen and play to Lao songs and to promote Lao artists and singers in the country.


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