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Ministry Says Parents Of Students In Private Schools Must Pay 50 Percent Of Fees

Source: Vientiane Times

The Ministry of Education and Sports has announced that private schools must pay 50 percent of the salaries of teachers, while parents must pay 50 percent of the fees for students for the month of April.

According to the Ministry, it has been producing online study programmes for key subjects since March 23, after the government ordered all schools and tertiary institutions to close temporarily during March 19-April 21 to prevent the community transmission of the Coronavirus amid the global pandemic.

The online content aims to provide learning opportunities and soften the impact of school closures on students, while lessening the risk of infections.

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The programmes are available on television, radio, official Facebook pages and YouTube.

The online study programme led to questions about the payment of salaries of teachers and collection of school fees from parents of students in private schools. Following this, the ministry announced on April 24 that private schools must pay 50 percent of the regular salary to teachers, and also called on parents to pay 50 percent of the fees for April.

The challenges to the distance education broadcasts include students in some areas being unable to access TV and radio signals or social media platforms.

This is because there are no TV signals in certain regions and some families don’t have television sets, especially in rural areas.

There are also instances of teachers lacking the required teaching experience and other issues, according to a report issued by the Ministry of Education on April 20.