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More Villages Named Red Zones As Covid Spreads

Source: Vientiane Times

Twenty-nine villages have been named as red zones, meaning they will remain under 24-hour surveillance and general entry and exit is banned in an attempt to contain the Covid-19 virus.

The number of villages in Vientiane’s red zones rose to 29 on May 24, and lie within the six districts of Chanthabouly, Sikhottabong, Xaysettha, Sisattanak, Xaythany and Hadxaifong, according to Centre of Information and Education for Health.
Checkpoints have been set up to question the drivers of vehicles wishing to enter or exit these neighbourhoods.

The villages were designated as red zones after Covid-19 infections were reported.

In Chanthaboury district, the virus has been reported in the villages of Huayhong, Sidamduan, Nongping, Dongpalaep, Thongsangnang and Phontong-chommany.

In Xaysettha district, the virus has been found in the villages of Fai, Chommany, Khamsavath, Viengchaleun, Nongbone, Nongnieng, Phonxay, Saphangmor, Thatluang-neua, Xoknoy, Nasangphai, Amone, and Nonwai.

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In Sikhottabong district, cases have been identified in Tathong, and Dongnaxok-neua villages.

Xaythany district contains the red zone villages of Khoksivilay, Dontiew, Nongphaya, Nakhae and Khamhoung.

Sisattanak district has three red zone villages, namely Saphanthong-tai, and Thongkang.

In Hadxaifong district, only Hadxaikhao village has been designated a red zone.

The Mayor of Vientiane has instructed people living in red zones not to leave their homes unless absolutely necessary. Family gatherings, meetings and conferences of any kind are banned. Barber shops, casinos, gaming venues, cockfight rings, tourist attractions and snooker clubs must remain closed.

Village offices and essential government offices may remain open, while emergency service vehicles and personnel are allowed entrance to red zones. Garbage trucks will also be granted access.

People who violate the regulations laid down by central or city authorities will face penalties under civil or criminal law.

From May 21 until June 4, anyone wishing to enter or exit Vientiane must obtain permission from village authorities.

Government officials should request permission from their workplace, while staff at private companies must submit a letter from their employer to request permission to travel from the Health Department and the Vientiane taskforce for Covid-19 prevention and control.

Monks and novices should submit a letter of request from their temple to the Health Department and the Vientiane Covid-19 taskforce.

Diplomats and foreign experts working for international organisations must submit a letter from their embassy or employer to the Health Department and the Vientiane Covid-19 taskforce.

Other foreigners must seek written permission to travel from the Health Department and the Vientiane Covid-19 taskforce.

Government vehicles, ambulances, fire engines, police vehicles, project vehicles, vehicles transporting goods and vehicles used by Covid-19 taskforces may enter or exit Vientiane without a permit.