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Motorists Advised To Avoid Damaged Roads

Source: Vientiane Times

Motorists travelling to Phongsaly province are advised to avoid sections of national roads 1A, 2E and 1B, which have been severely damaged and are blocked by landslides in places.

Days of rain have made conditions hazardous and roads are very slippery in the wake of several landslides. Many roads in the north wind their way through mountainous areas which are now affected by landslides.

Director of the Public Works and Transport Department in Phongsaly province, Mr Bounthavy Sorsoukan, told Vientiane Times yesterday “Part of National Road No. 1A which runs for 144 kilometres between Bounneua and Nhot-ou districts to the Chinese border is now impassable because a 100-metre section has collapsed.”

“We are speeding up road repairs and expect to complete the work in about one week if there is no more rainfall. National Road No. 19 to the Chinese border remains open,” he said.

“Landslides have occurred along National Road No. 2E, which runs for 70km from the Oudomxay border to Khua and May districts to the Vietnamese border, making travel difficult,” he added.

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“Part of National Road No. 1B, which runs for 109 km from the junction of National Road No. 2E to Phongsaly provincial capital is also hazardous because landslides have occurred in several places. Now authorities are speeding up repairs to all roads,” Mr Bounthavy said.

In Xayaboury province several roads and bridges have also been damaged by landslides and subsidence, such as Road No. 3601, which runs for 120 km between Doykao and Kiewkok villages to the Thai border.

Vehicles will find the road impassable in some places, Director of the province’s Public Works and Transport Department, Mr Phengxoy Phengmeuang, said.

“There is only one road in the province leading to the Thai border. We expect to complete repairs and clear landslides in a week’s time,” he added. In Khammuan province, several parts of Road No.1E from Nakai to Yommalath district are also affected by landslides.