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My Time – Parent Networking Playgroup

Both Coordinators of My Time, Clarissa Power (Manager Kongkhao, BSW) and Jan Burgess (Early Childhood Teacher, B.Ed) are aware of the need for young families to socialise. With this in mind they are trialling a morning group that will cater for children under school age.

The aesthetically pleasing garden and children’s play area at Kongkhao Restaurant and Gallery provides the ideal atmosphere for socialising. Parents can come and relax, network and learn from each other as well as their children.

Topics of interest will be explored and discussed on a regular basis as decided by the parent group and coordinators. Jan will plan interesting and stimulating activities for the children. She will also guide and assist them to have the most fun while at play.

During play the children will develop socially through interactions with others. The program will also assist the children’s holistic development as they discover, problem solve and learn through the variety of experiences provided.

Cost: 50,000kip enrolment fee & 10,000kip per child per day

This covers consumable resources and morning tea for the children. Parents will be able to purchase regular menu items throughout the morning.

The group will operate on Tuesdays between 9:30 and 11:15am, commencing August 21 for an initial period of 5 weeks.

Numbers are limited and will be accepted by order of email confirmation received.

My Time – Parent Networking Playgroup

Please email: burgessjan7@gmail.com to confirm your child/ren’s position. Email will be the main course of communication.

For further information or enquiries, please contact either Clarissa 020 2339 8490 or Jan 020 2844 9396.