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Mythbusting – ‘foreigner areas’ more secure?

Some people believe that by living in an area of Vientiane with a high volume of foreigners, or in a compound style property, their home and belongings will be more secure.

Whilst at first it may feel comfortable to live amongst one’s own, this does not necessarily guarantee security. In fact, quite the opposite is often true.

If the majority of houses in an area are rented by foreigners, this means entire streets can be vacant for large periods of time (especially during holiday periods) giving opportunistic thieves free reign.

Aside from the wonderful experience of cross-cultural exchange, living within or near a Lao community also has security benefits. Here’s why:  local people, by custom, often live in traditional (larger) family groups.

This means usually at least one person remains home at all times. After living in the village for generations, this person will know everybody in the surrounding area and often observe all the goings on, thereby keeping an eye out and easily identifying outsiders.

If you’re friendly with your neighbours then they’ll most likely happily keep an eye on your home too! We strongly suggest taking this into consideration when choosing your next rental home.