New Bt2000 Fine For Spitting, Blowing Nose And Littering In Public Places: Thailand

Travelers to Thailand be aware: Spitting, blowing nose and littering in public places now could face a fine of 2,000 baht under a tightened enforcement of city cleanliness law by city police.

Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) City Law Enforcement Department director Sophon Photisop said now he has ordered city police in all 50 districts to tighten enforcement of  the law if there is any violation in public places.

He said the city cleanliness law has been promulgated for over 20 years but it was never enforced seriously.

He said spitting fluid or any substance out of your mouth in Japan is a violation of law that could face 30-day  detention or a fine of 1,000-10,000 yen (300-3,000 baht) fine.

Violator could also be recorded in criminal file, he said.

He said now the cleanliness law will be strictly enforced and instruction has been given to city police in all 50 districts to implement.

Source: ThaiPBS