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New Emergency Call Centre Promises Brighter Future For Accident Victims

Source: Vientiane Times

The Command and Control Centre (CCC) in Vientiane, as part of Japan’s SAFER project, will soon become operational and a new government emergency call number, 1195, will be set up.

A Joint Consensus Meeting of the JICA Partnership Programme (SAFER Project) and a preview of the Command and Control Centre took place at Mittaphab Hospital on Tuesday.

Health chiefs and staff working in emergency medical services, officials from the Ministry of Health, Ministry of Public Works and Transport, Mittaphab Hospital, Setthathirat Hospital, Mahosot Hospital, the capital’s nine district hospitals and the Vientiane Traffic Police Department attended the meeting.

Deputy Minister of Health Dr Phayvanh Keopaseuth opened the meeting by saying “Today’s meeting is a report on how the Command and Control Centre will operate when the emergency number 1195 is in function.”

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Participants reached consensus on the Centre’s operations and future emergency medical services and agreed to cooperate with each other in the rollout of these services.

After the meeting, a preview of the Command and Control Centre and a demonstration of the process from a call to the dispatch of an ambulance was given.

The major implementing organisations of the project are Mittaphab Hospital, the Ministry of Health, the University of Tsukuba in Japan, and the Japan Research Institute for Social Systems.

The project is supported by the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA).

Mittaphab Hospital plays a central role in this project as the Command and Control Centre is located there and the hospital will oversee its operation.
After the SAFER project ends, Mittaphab Hospital will continue to play a central role in the operation of the Centre.

The Centre’s staff will come from Mittaphab, Setthathirat and Mahosot hospitals and five emergency rescue teams which use the hotline numbers 1623, 1624, 1625, 1628 and 1630.

They have been trained and prepared since March 2022 on the role of the Centre and how to use the system.

The director of the Centre will be a physician from Mittaphab Hospital.

As soon as a date is set for the phone number to become effective, the public will be informed.