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New Guidelines Issued For Vientiane Entry & Exit

Source: Vientiane Times

The Vientiane Taskforce for Covid-19 Prevention and Control has issued new guidelines which require people wishing to exit or enter the capital to submit certain documents while the lockdown remains in force.

To comply with the request from the taskforce, officials planning to take working trips to the provinces need to obtain an assignment certificate from their workplace. Employees of legal entities or private companies need to provide a letter of proposal issued by their company.

Ordinary people are required to obtain a proposal certificate issued by village authorities. If an out-of-town trip is requested to visit a sick relative, the petitioner must provide a medical statement issued by a health official.

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If the sick relative is being treated at home, the petitioner must obtain a certificate from village authorities, under the new ruling issued on May 10. The ruling will remain in force until May 20, which is the planned last day of the lockdown.

Residents of other provinces who are stranded in Vientiane and wish to return home are required to provide copies of their ID card, family book or certificate of residence issued by local authorities (village, district or provincial authorities).

Foreigners who have entered Laos and been in Vientiane for one month are required to have a Covid-19 test certificate.

The taskforce has also specified the criteria that petitioners must fulfill in order to get approval.

Lao citizens and foreigners wanting to travel to the provinces are required to get certification from local authorities (village, district or provincial authorities) at their destination.

The requirement comes as the provinces are also under lockdown, which restricts entry by outsiders.

Meanwhile, outsiders wanting to enter Vientiane must get approval from the relevant province’s taskforce for Covid-19 prevention and control.

Motorcade of leaders, ambulances, emergency vehicles, fire trucks, and vehicles owned by Covid-19 taskforces are free to enter or exit Vientiane as necessary.

Drivers of goods vehicles wanting to enter or exit the capital are required to get approval from public works and transport officials, but anyone accompanying them must get approval from the Vientiane Health Department.

In their petition documents, applicants are required to declare their reason and the essential nature of the trip, place of visit, vehicle type, name of driver, mobile number, number of other people travelling, and dates of departure and return.

For relevant documents, contact the Vientiane Health Department. Documents must be submitted via WhatsApp 020 59194224 or 020 762 80640 (manual submission is not accepted).