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Noodle House Vientiane

It’s my first time to write a review on a noodle shop, not because I don’t like pho or kao piak, but because I would feel strange writing about one of those side of the street shops where you sit on a stone bench and look into the begging eyes of a dog while trying to keep the flies away from your soup.

Noodle House 4

This review is different though, the Noodle House is a clean, stylish, fully air-conditioned restaurant, where clients are welcomed by friendly staff. The interior of Noodle House is very trendy & stylish (reminds me more of a bar than a noodle place), offering lots of space. The kitchen is open, so customers can actually watch the cooks preparing the soups.

When visiting, I opted to take company with me so that I could get an experienced second opinion from someone who wouldn’t hesitate to “tell it like it is.” We ordered Pho Beef andNoodle House 2 Kao Pun Luangprabang. Despite the restaurant being busy, the food came quickly and was delicious. My Kao Pun was amazing, tasty and had plenty of flavor. The portion served was double the size of noodles and ingredients one would normally get in Vientiane, something which a man of my size highly appreciates 🙂

Asking my Lao friend what he thought about his Pho Beef, he simply replied “good”, with no “but …” following, which is the best possible compliment coming from him.

During our visit, a group of 10 people arrived and just a few minutes after placing their order, the first soups were already served. With this friendly and fast service, the stylish, clean and air-conditioned ambiance, the city center location and reasonable pricing it’s a ideal  place for a business lunch or any quick meal.

I personally love this place ! Such authentic soups and good portion sizes …. certainly the best Kao Pun I’ve had at any restaurant.

Noodle House serves traditional soups like pho, kao piak, kao pun and Chinese yellow Noodle Housenoodles, as well as Thai and Western noodle dishes. The kao piak is Kip 18,000, while the other traditional soups are Kip 22’000

Noodle House (021 265 000) is located between Xayoh Grill House and Home Ideal, click here to see its location on google maps. Noodle House is part of the Inthira Group.