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Northern Farms Turn To Ice As Frost Hits

Source: Vientiane Times

The northern provinces are experiencing frosty weather and farmers and local residents are struggling to cope with daily life as they shiver in the cold.

Huaphan provincial Administration Office Head, Mr Vongphet Bounmany, told Vientiane Times yesterday the province was having a lot of frost, which was causing problems for farmers and their cattle.

The nights and mornings are particularly frosty, while it is sunny in the afternoons.

Some farms have suffered damage, he said, and some people have fallen ill because of the fog and frost.

Water has frozen in some places and the grass and vegetables on farms have been covered in ice, although no actual damage has been reported by the authorities.

Some schoolchildren in highland areas have not been going to class in the mornings but turn up for lessons in the afternoons. There was more frost this year than last, Mr Vongphet said.

Xieng Khuang’s provincial capital has also had a lot of frost and fog but the grass and vegetables on farms have not been affected, while in Nonghet and other districts nearby ice has formed on pools of water and grass and vegetables have been covered in frost, according to a provincial official.

Meanwhile, an official in Phongsaly province said they were experiencing both frost and sunshine, although the water was not iced over and there was no frost on the grass.

According to the Meteorology and Hydrology Department, frosty weather is predicted in the central, northern and southern regions from December 21-22.

In the northeast, temperatures will be about 2-17 Celsius, while temperatures in the northwest are forecast at 5-22C.

Vientiane will be warmer with temperatures of 11-23C, while the range in central areas will be 9-23C, and in the south it will be warmer still with the mercury predicted to rise to 15-23C.