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NTP Launches Free Fuel Delivery Service

Source: Vientiane Times

The Ministry of Industry and Commerce has authorised NTP Public Company to launch a free-of-charge fuel delivery service so that members of the public can receive the best service and cut travel costs, amid record high fuel prices.

A ceremony to mark the company’s 5th anniversary and the launch of the fuel delivery service took place on Monday and was attended by Deputy Minister of Industry and Commerce Mrs Chansouk Sengphachan.

CEO of NTP Public Company, Mr Chindasak Nhotmanhkhong, said the fuel delivery service would start on February 9 and could be accessed through the “NTP Petrols” app and downloaded on Google Play and the App Store for registration.

“This service will help people save time and money on travel. With the Covid-19 outbreak continuing, we wanted to provide an easy way to enable people to get fuel anywhere by launching the fuel delivery service to make it more convenient for the public,” he added.

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The company’s Deputy Director General, Mr Luem Yongvongsitthi, said NTP was founded five years ago in 2017. It is a registered enterprise and has a licence to run the business correctly and in accordance with accepted standards.

NTP Public Company has built three fuel warehouses. One is in Dong Luang village in Naxaithong district, Vientiane, and has a storage capacity of 5 million litres. 

The second is in Nateuy village, Luang Namtha district and province, and also has a capacity of 5 million litres.
The third storage facility is in Phonxay village, Kaysone Phomvihane city, Savannakhet province, and has a capacity of 1 million litres.

The company also plans to build a warehouse in Savannakhet province to store 3.5 million litres of fuel.

In Pakxe city, Champassak province, the company has installed an oil bottling plant that can handle more than 1 million litres, with the aim of providing fuel to infrastructure and other projects such as the Laos-China Railway and the 5th Lao-Thai Friendship Bridge.

Over the past five years, NTP has distributed fuel to 300 million customers, including 200 million litres of diesel, 2.5 million litres of gasoline, and 90.6 million litres of motor oil, using more than 60 vehicles to deliver fuel to customers.

The success of the venture has been due to the attention, guidance and support of all government departments and related sectors, while at the same time the company itself has invested wisdom, hard work, wealth and resources.