Officials Pledge To Stop Motorcycle Hoons In Vientiane

Officials promised the public last week that they would stop the bad behaviour of some teenagers in Vientiane, who are riding motorcycles in groups and causing trouble at night.

The Chief of the Commando Security of Vientiane Capital, Lieutenant Colonel Khamphiew Vatthanaphone, said they were receiving complaints from government officials, as well as local residents and were working hard to stop the bad behaviour of the youngsters as the problem was still occurring in several parts of Vientiane.

“A group of teenagers recently raced their motorcycles in front of the Lao National Assembly at That Luang area during the daytime, seemingly not concerned that our office is located in the same area,” he said.

Officials Pledge To Stop Motorcycle Hoons In Vientiane

He added that they investigated after receiving many complaints and brought the teenagers to the police station to explain their actions whilst impounding their vehicles for breaching the traffic regulations.

The problem in the city is not so severe at the moment because of the frequent heavy rain but officials believe that it will soon get worse again as it seems to become apparent following the start of the new academic year.

The Commando Security of Vientiane Capital also answered several questions from the public that they worked closely with Vientiane Traffic Police department to investigate the targets of crime in society.

Representative of the subcommittees tasked with solving gangster problems and young motorcycle hoons causing trouble, Lieutenant Colonel Khamsoui Keomanivong explained that family and village authorities should be the major key on solving the problem because they are the closest persons with those youngsters.

He added that those entertainment venues should also be strict on their time of business. “If those keys are strict with their work, it will help us to solve the problem,” the major said.

The Commando Security of Vientiane Capital is an official force tasked with solving crimes under the order of leading officials from the Ministry of Public Security.

Since January, they have successfully arrested major car thieves who stole eight cars and two pickups as well as major drug dealers with 48 sticks of heroin. Over 2,000 vehicles were detained for breaking traffic regulations with most of them being teenagers riding in large groups and make trouble along the roads in Vientiane.

“After going to nightclubs or bars, those teenagers would arrange to meet up in a particular place and then race their motorcycles on the roads with some of them making sure they were especially noisy.”

“When we can force them to stop, often they seem to know where we will be and at what time. We have a new strategy, however, and will finally be able to stop them,” Lieutenant Colonel Khamsoui said.

The Commando Security of Vientiane Capital also announced to the public that all the bikes they had impounded would be returned to their owners if they came to their office in front of That Luang field with proper documentation to claim them.

The deadline for reclaiming the impounded bikes is the end of October and after that any bikes still held will become the property of the Ministry of Public Security.

Source: Vientiane Times