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Offline Internet System To Boost Connectivity In Laos

Source: Vientiane Times

Internet users will be able to access online data via smartphones anywhere with mobile telephone signal, including remote areas, through a new system which doesn’t require continuous connection to the internet.

New technology set to be introduced will allow smartphone users to access data connections with only a local telephone signal.

Be-Bound and its Lao development partners are planning to offer mobile internet access without 3G or Wi-Fi in Laos, as users will have internet access wherever they may be through existing 2G networks.

Be-Bound, whose office is located in Paris, France, are one of the leaders in offline internet technology globally. Currently, they are focusing on enlarging their services for developing countries.

According to Be-Bound, there are about 4 billion users in many countries including India, Africa and Vietnam as well.

Chief Commercial Officer of Be-Bound, Michel Ktitareff said at a workshop held in Vientiane recently that Be-Bound would like to launch its operation in Laos with the aim to support new technology for business operations, education, health, agricultural enterprises, services and economic development in the regions.

In addition, it will be able to support local communities in remote areas which lack internet signals, enabling them to visit websites and other applications via their smart phones.

According to Be-Bound, they and their development partners are preparing to produce the new Be-Bound’s application for a pilot programme in Laos, which is focusing on remote areas.

Concerned officials will hold a press conference again to officially announce the new Be-Bound application but no official date has been set as yet. Officials will also be able to provide more information to those who would like to register the application, Be-Bound said.

The new app will let users access the internet anywhere for less than the price of a text and you don’t even need a data connection. The app is free to download from Google Play with users paying for the service.

According to Be-Bound, using the app is much cheaper than standard roaming costs and so is ideal for use when traveling abroad. It features built-in email, weather, news and Twitter functionality with the company claiming that it can even help users to save money on their existing mobile tariffs.

When connectivity isn’t an issue, Be-Bound can still be used when on Wi-Fi or 3G networks, with the company claiming it provides a faster means of accessing the internet than traditional smartphone apps while also reducing data usage.