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Parisien Café Vientiane

There is a new café & bakery in town … Parisien Café.

It’s the latest addition to the many coffee shops in Vientiane and for sure many Expats will try out Parisien Café as an alternative to Joma.

Parisien Cafe VientianeParisien Café is large, offering lots of different kind of seating and the huge brick walls provide a cozy warm atmosphere. Very attractive is the display of the bakery products, offering a large variety of breads, pastries, cookies and muffins. Also on display are many delicious cakes and desserts.

I went for a Cappuccino (Kip 22,000) and a Custard Cream Bread (Kip 9’000), both coffee and pastry were good. Parisien Café, as they just opened a few days ago, will soon add brunch and hot plates to their menu.

Parisien Cafe VientianeWho believes Parisien Café to be really French could be disappointed, small details reveal that the owners are not “Parisienne”  (as a matter of facts, they are Koreans).  Maybe playing French chansons would help increase the frenchness  🙂

The Parisien Café is located here, just next to the K-Mart and near Sengdara Fitness Center.

Parisien Cafe Vientiane