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Pepsi Names Famous K-Pop Girl Group ‘BLACKPINK’ As New Asia-Pacific Brand Ambassadors

Source: Vientiane Times

The world’s popular soft drink Pepsi, a trend-setter of youth fashion and culture, announced superstar K-Pop girl group BLACKPINK as its new Asia-Pacific spokespersons.  Colourful special on-pack designs featuring the BLACKPINK personalities have been incorporated into Pepsi and Pepsi Max No Sugar limited edition products, giving Lao fans reason to cheer. 

Pepsi is working with BLACKPINK’s Rosé, Jisoo, Jennie and Lisa for its “Go All In For What You Love” campaign to inspire Gen Z and the younger generation to be bold and push the boundaries of possibility when it comes to pursuing their passion in life and being self-confident.  BLACKPINK’s story and admirable traits of grit, purpose and resilience over the years to realise their dreams and ultimately put them on the road to stardom, can encourage Gen Z and inspire them to emulate their idols and to find their inner strength and confidence.

Pepsi envisions music lovers and fans of BLACKPINK to be absolutely thrilled as Pepsi brings their idols closer to Laos.  BLACKPINK’s uniquely youthful attitude and zest for life perfectly embodies the Pepsi brand.

Fans and Gen Z will be pleased as the PEPSI x BLACKPINK inspired packaging launches in Laos, first with Pepsi Max.  Pepsi and BLACKPINK have co-produced an ad marketing campaign video featuring the on-camera work and off-camera life of the four group members in pursuit of music dreams.

At the same time, limited-edition Pepsi Max in pink and black colour design combinations featuring each of the BLACKPINK members – Jisoo, Jennie, Rosé and Lisa  – are available for Lao fans to collect. They are available in the 320 ml can and 490 ml PET bottle, which are on sale at convenient shops and supermarkets across the country.