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Petrol Prices In Laos To Decrease

Source: Vientiane Times

The Ministry of Industry and Commerce has announced that the prices nationwide of premium grade petrol will be lower by 1,550 kip a litre, regular petrol by 1,010 kip a litre, diesel for 490 kip a litre.

The announcement was made on Wednesday to inform the fuel and gas group, retail traders of oil, and fuel companies in Laos to implement the new prices based on the government’s guidelines for price management and management of businesses dealing in fuels.

The announcement said this is being done as fuel prices on the world market have fallen. The new lower rates for fuels will come into effect across Laos from 4 pm on May 14.

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Following another notification issued by the Ministry in late March to lower the prices of fuel, the cost of premium grade petrol had been reduced by 600 kip a litre, regular petrol by 510 kip a litre, and diesel by 160 kip a litre.

According to the newly set prices, petrol stations in Vientiane will sell premium grade petrol for 6,870 a litre, regular grade petrol for 6,610 kip a litre, and diesel for 6,550 kip a litre.

In Oudomxay province, the price of premium petrol will be lowered from 9,600 kip a litre in March to 7,350 kip a litre, the cost of regular petrol will decrease from 8,860 kip a litre to 7,090 kip a litre, and the cost of diesel will drop from 8,220 kip a litre to 7,030 kip a litre.

In Borikhamxay province, premium grade petrol will be sold for 6,950 kip a litre, regular petrol for 6,690 kip a litre, and diesel for 6,630 kip a litre.
In the provinces of Phongsaly, Luang Namtha, Huaphan, Xieng Khuang, Xekong and Xaysomboun, premium grade petrol will be sold for 6,870 kip a litre, the same prices as in the national capital.

The rest of the provinces will sell regular petrol and diesel at more than 6,800 kip a litre.

In March, the lowest prices of fuel were set by the Ministry of Industry and Commerce, with premium petrol going for 9,150 kip a litre, regular petrol for 8,430 kip a litre, and diesel for 7,770 kip a litre in Khammuan and Savannakhet provinces.

In Champassak province, the prices were 9,180 kip a litre for premium petrol, 8,440 kip for regular petrol, and 7,800 kip for diesel.

In Attapeu province, premium petrol was sold for 9,350 kip a litre, regular petrol for 8,620 kip a litre, and diesel for 7,980 kip a litre.

In Bokeo province, premium grade petrol was at 9,220 kip a litre, while the price of regular petrol had been set at 8,480 kip a litre and diesel about 7,640 kip a litre.
The price of diesel in Luang Prabang province was at 8,140 kip a litre, premium petrol at 9,520 kip, and regular petrol at 8,780 kip.