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Petrol Stations Hike Prices Nationwide

Source: Vientiane Times

The Ministry of Industry and Commerce has announced an increase in fuel prices across the country in line with changes in the global oil prices.

The announcement came into effect on Friday morning.  Premium grade petrol has increased by 300 kip per litre, regular petrol has increased by 230 kip per litre, and diesel has increased by 110 kip per litre.

Currently, petrol stations in Vientiane are selling premium grade petrol at 10,820 kip per litre.  They are selling regular petrol for 9,540 kip per litre and diesel for 8,710 kip per litre. 

In Borikhamxay province, premium petrol sells for 10,900 kip per litre, regular sells for 9,620 kip per litre, and diesel sells for 8,790 kip per litre.

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In Khammuan and Savannakhet provinces, premium petrol sells for 10,850 kip per litre, regular petrol sells for 9,570 kip per litre, and diesel goes for 8,740 kip per litre.

In Champassak province, prices are 10,880 kip per litre for premium petrol, 9,600 kip per litre for regular petrol, and 8,770 kip per litre for diesel.

In Attapeu province, premium petrol sells for 11,060 kip per litre, regular for 9,780 kip per litre, and diesel for 8,950 kip per litre.

In Xayaboury, premium petrol sells for 11,070 kip per litre, regular petrol goes for 9,790 kip per litre, and diesel costs 8,960 kip per litre.

In Oudomxay province, 11,300 kip per litre is the price of premium petrol.  Regular grade petrol costs 10,020 kip and diesel costs 9,190 kip.

In Bokeo province, premium grade petrol costs 10,920 kip per litre while the price of regular petrol has been set at 9,640 kip per litre.  Diesel sells for 8,810 kip per litre.

In Luang Prabang province, diesel sells for 9,110 kip per litre, premium sells for 11,220 kip, and regular grade petrol costs 9,940 kip per litre.