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Phase II of Mekong Embankment Project Set to Complete by the End of 2025

Source: Vientiane Times

Construction of an embankment along the Mekong River over a distance of almost 8.5km, under Phase II of the Integrated Management Project, is slated for completion by the end of 2025, despite challenges in transporting construction materials.

The progress of work under Phase II of the project was reported to the Mayor of Vientiane, Dr. Atsaphangthong Siphandone when he visited the riverbank recently.

The project, which began in February 2022, includes the construction of the 8.5km embankment and flood protection systems.

Post-completion, the area from km4 in Sisattanak district to Haddorkeo village in Hadxaifong district will feature a riverside promenade, an outdoor sports park, and a nature viewing point.

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Deputy Director of the Vientiane Public Works and Transport Department and Head of the project, Mr Phoutthasane Inthavong, reported 53.3 percent completion as of March 2024, slightly behind the planned progress of 56.6 percent.

The delay has been attributed to the challenges encountered in transporting materials to the construction site in an urban setting.

“The logistics are complicated by the need to navigate through city streets, which imposes restrictions on both the timing and the load capacity of deliveries,” Mr Phoutthasane said.

During his visit, the Mayor of Vientiane stressed the importance of maintaining construction quality and adherence to technical standards. He called for top-quality lighting to be installed along the embankment and the thoughtful design of tourist sites and parks, in collaboration with the relevant sectors. He also highlighted the need for appropriate post-construction management rules that reflect the actual circumstances.

The project is financed through a US$257,605,000 low-interest loan from South Korea and a US$9,957,000 contribution from the Lao government, totaling US$267,562,000.

Consultancy services are provided by JV-Saman Corp and Korea Engineering Consultants (SAMAN and KECEC), with Dongbu Corporation and Kumho Industrial Co., Ltd. from Korea as the construction contractors.