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Police Detain 32 People For Breaking Lockdown Rules

Source: Vientiane Times

A team of commando police have detained 32 youngsters after they were found drinking and taking drugs at a hotel in Phonsinuan village, Sisattanak district, Vientiane, in blatant violation of the lockdown rules.

Police found beer, crystal methamphetamine and three guns with 40 bullets in their possession, according to the Vientiane Public Security Headquarters.

At around 23:30pm on October 4, the Phearwat Security Group teamed up with the Commando Police Unit of the Vientiane Public Security Headquarters, Ministry of Public Security, to carry out checks on the hotel and other places in central Vientiane.

Upon entering the hotel, they found two groups of people in separate karaoke rooms and immediately confiscated the crystal methamphetamine and the guns.

The first room contained eight people, while 24 more found in the second room, of whom 13 were Chinese nationals.

Everyone present was charged with violating the Mayor’s notice banning gatherings in large numbers to drink alcohol, as well as the possession of drugs and firearms.

Police took the offenders to a quarantine centre where they will spend 14 days and be tested for Covid-19, after which they will stand trial.
They will be responsible for all the costs involved while in quarantine.

In Vangvieng district, Vientiane province, police also detained groups of foreign and local residents who illegally gathered at hotels and restaurants on Sunday.

Police recorded three separate incidents involving illegal gatherings and detained six foreign workers and 28 Lao people. Most had travelled to Vangvieng from Vientiane.

Police fined all of the offenders and the owners of the venues that had allowed them entry, as well as ordering the venues to close temporarily.

People who break the lockdown rules are subject to a fine of 3 million kip, while a business or other entity will be fined 10 million kip per violation.

The police urge business owners and members of the public to strictly comply with all the measures introduced to prevent the spread of Covid.

If a business owner is found to be negligent, or disrespectful of the regulations concerning the spread of the virus, measures will be taken without exception.

People who gather in groups or break the law in other ways will be taken into custody and held responsible for all the costs involved.

Security officials will patrol and monitor shops and businesses for unlawful activities, as well as check that people are not gathering in
groups, which is banned under a Prime Minister’s Order.