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Police Issue List Of Items Banned On Trains

Source: Vientiane Times

The Railway Police Department of the Ministry of Public Security has issued a list of items that passengers are banned from taking into stations and on trains, as part of overall security measures.

The banned items are listed as follows:
1) Weapons and ammunition of any kind such as pistols, rifles, sports rifles and other modified guns. (The rule does not apply to civil servants, police officers and soldiers carrying out official duties).
2) All kinds of explosives such as fireworks and rocket-propelled grenades.

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3) Chemicals, including hydrogen, methane, ethane, butane, ethylene, propylene, acetylene, carbon monoxide, liquefied petroleum gas, fluoride, oxygen (except for medical purposes), gasoline, diesel and kerosene.
4) Drugs of all kinds, including heroin, ephedrine, crystal meth, cocaine and marijuana.
5) Sharp objects such as knives, axes, cutters, etc. that can cause injury or death.
6) Animals, both alive and dead, including cats and dogs.
7) Food that smells bad or watery food that can cause uncleanliness and dirty the surroundings of the train or stations.

Persons who defy the ban and are observed by staff of the Security Department of the Laos-China Railway Company to be carrying any of the banned items will have the offence recorded. Serious cases will be passed to the railway police for investigation.

The railway is safe, environmentally friendly, efficient, convenient and fast, and has become the top choice of transport, replacing bus travel in many northern areas.

Every day, long queues form at Vientiane station as people hope to get tickets.